Oregon Time Lapse Road Trip ( Day Two )

Well, we made it through the night without being woken up by the Oregon authorities so we can chalk our first night up as a win. After packing the car up we wolfed down a couple of chocolate cliff bars and jumped back onto highway 101 for another full day of driving. 

About an hour in we reached a town that consisted of a McDonalds, Napa auto parts and a Fred Meyer. Seeing as we hate McDonalds breakfast (cue all the haters) we headed into Fred Meyer's to pick up some coffee, bananas as well as some sunglasses for me ( james ) but more importantly we pulled out another homeless stunt and each took a sink shower to freshen up for the day!  Made me feel like the caddy from Happy Gilmore.

I had to actually pull up Happy Gilmore on Netflix to take this screen shot.... Worth it!


At around noon we reached the Oregon National dunes that stretch for miles along the coast and even reach a couple miles inland. We pulled the drone out to stretch its legs and get some arial footage and it quickly attracted a crowd of people who were interested in it and wanted to see what it could do. After handing out a few business cards and packing up we were back on our way.

We always seem to attract attention when we fly the DJI! 

We continued to make a bunch of quick stops at view points along the coast line. 

It's crazy how the pearl white looks so different in various lighting. We love it! 


We reached the REDWOOD FOREST! Well sort of. Technically the Redwood forest starts in Crescent City ( about 30 minutes into California) but the redwood trees are few and far between at that point. This had us a bit bummed out but we continued onward until about 5pm when we decided to find an actual camping site to set up in for the night. 

We ended up in the Elk Prairie campgrounds. The sites were nice and almost all of them were full but it ended up costing us $35 to stay the one night. After setting up my tent we built a small fire then got to cooking dinner on our beer can stoves. This time we cooked up some chili and rounded off our wholesome meal with tortilla chips. If you couldn't tell by now we're ballin on a budget.  


Time for some time lapsing. As the night set in we decided to head out towards the coastline to find a cool spot to shoot the stars. Along the way we came upon a valley with an open field and decided to set up shop there. We set up two time lapses with the D800 and D600 and then shot a pano and bts shots with the 5dmkii.  We called it a night at about 12 and headed back to Elk Prairie to get some much needed shut eye.


Not a bad way to edit photos!