Oregon Time Lapse Road Trip ( Day One )

Today is the day we embark on our 12 day road trip all across Oregon and into Northern California! With the subaru all packed up we hopped on I5 south and departed Seattle for Oregon and our first destination of Thor's Well.  


    After an hour or so we decided to make our first pit stop at Cabela's near Olympia to grab a few last minute items. Let it be known the we've never actually been to Cabela's before but from what we've heard it's like Disneyland for the redneck in your family and I can totally understand why now. There are endless amounts of dead animal corpses that litter the stores floors and walls not to mention the fact that there are enough firearms to supply ISIS for the next 6 years in their fight against humanity and the world. All jokes aside this store is pretty awesome. It has everything you can think of for any outdoor activity which really benefitted us since we will be spending countless hours camping over the next 12 days. 


Not the Cabela's we went to but i'm sure it had some animal statue out in front of it too.

Not the Cabela's we went to but i'm sure it had some animal statue out in front of it too.


Portland… what can we say other than the fact that your traffic is absolutely awful. I always thought the traffic in Seattle was terrible but this stop and go nonsense mixed with never-ending merging is hell wrapped up in a flannel and beany hipster disguise. It really shouldn't take 45 minutes to travel 3 miles through your city at non traffic hours and we can only imagine the blood boiling anger you all feel after leaving work at 5 only to arrive home at 8.




We were well behind schedule at this point (thanks portland) and right as we reached the coast of Oregon the sun was dipping below the horizon taking away any trace of daylight that was going to help us find Thor's Well or a place to camp for the night. 

As we slowly continued our way down 101 we happened upon a small picnic area near the beach that clearly stated NO CAMPING. After setting up camp we started to cook dinner on our handy beer can stove top. No joke, this little guy is one of the coolest things you can bring along with you on any camping trip. It weighs next to nothing and can bring a cup of water to boil in under 5 minutes using medical grade alcohol which costs about a dollar at any grocery store.


Beer Can Stove (Crappy Cell Phone Picture Excuse The Quality)

    After finishing up our gourmet meal of chicken and rice soup we got to setting up my brothers tent for some product shots under the stars. Once that was set up we did what we normally do, sit around, listen to music, eat garbage food and edit cell phone pictures on VSCOCAM for instagram… Then there was nothing left to do but get ready for bed and hope that we didn't get kicked out before sunrise!